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In the clouds

mountains-on-sky Managed to get some time off in August so headed to The Highlands for a week, a very wet week. Didn't expect really hot weather, but hadn't bargained on how much rain would fall, poor D800 suffered a bit, but if I was getting soaked then it was going to as well. Did take a few landscapes, and seeing the mountains shrouded in clouds was quite amazing, one day hiking up Beinn Eighe, near Loch Maree, but as the weather closed in, the views were very limited. Beinn Eighe is Britain's oldest National Nature Reserve, set up in 1951and has a very aptly named Mountain Trail, which rises to the height of one and a half times of The Shard.  More of my Landscapes are on my main site here.

Le Tour – up the road

le-tour It's not often that the worlds largest spectator sport goes through your town so took the afternoon off to see the spectacle. Didn't know about the caravan, the sponsors floats which go ahead of the cyclists but it gave me a good idea of the speed of the bikes, it being the fastest carnival I've ever seen. Took the Lumix, not really there to take photos but to soak up the atmosphere. le-tour-2

Aquatics Centre

architectural-photo Haven't been swimming for a while, but deciding to get back in the pool found that my nearest one just happens to be The London Aquatics Centre. Designed by Zaha Hadid, an architect I have done a few jobs for, the pool is now fully open to the public. Thought the 50m lengths were going to be a bit daunting being used to 25m ones, but they seem to fly past, and by picking a good time you can sometimes have a lane to yourself. Took the Lumix with me last time for a few shots of the building, it looks fantastic without the extra seating area needed for the Olympics. I have more architectural photography on my main site here.

Rye & Dungeness

grounded-boats Has every photographer in Britain been to Dungeness? I first went down there  about twenty years ago, and even then you would come across discarded film canisters and Kodachrome boxes. The area has a very strange feel, from the abandoned boats high out of the sea, to the narrow gauge railway, not to mention the Sound Mirrors at Lydd-on-sea and the Nuclear power station. It's the sort of area you don't want good weather, seems all the more mysterious it a bit misty. Thought would give my Lensbaby an outing, as don't get to use this specialist lens on many jobs. It produces images with a sharp central area but the image rapidly falls off towards the edges. A few more images from the area: I have a section on my main website with more personal photography