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Looking for a venue…. central London? One Morgate Place, 5 minutes from Liverpool Street, has everything from The Great Hall, to small modern meeting rooms, to the stunning Main reception room with its murals, columns and domed ceiling. Over several days I photographed most of these rooms, depicting them for different uses, dining, meeting and for conferences. My favourite area is in the dome, not normally open, but providing a great view of the room, a tight squeeze through arches and tiny staircases to get there, rewarded with the close up view of the amazing stained glass windows. These images are for a new website, coming soon in 2016.

Christmas Party…., not the Michael Molloy Photography Ltd's christmas bash, but one of my clients, a much bigger do. Have been to One Morgate Place several times this year photographing ICAEW's amazing conference, dining and meeting rooms, so naturally was asked to show the rooms in use at christmas, not events photography as such, but to get images for use on their website. These images are designed largely to be used as banners on web pages so decided to focus on the table decorations and have out of focus people in the background so not to distract from the text on the page.

The Cheesegrater

Service and virtual office company Servcorp asked me to photograph their new London location, The Leadenhall Building, better known as The Cheesegrater. Not an easy building to photograph as it is nestled in amongst the other skyscrapers in the city. I started from Monument, moving across the Thames, and then to Tower Bridge. Moving closer to the building a few views were possible from a small side street, which proved to be the best location for the shots. Looking forward to doing some interior office photography for this client in the near future.

Night Architectural Photography

bow-night Construction company Hill commissioned me to photograph two of their buildings, but wanted them shot at night. Well at least it was late November, so it would be dark early. Night time photography obviously has its own techniques, but the most important is timing. You don't really want to be shooting in the dead of night, the best time being shortly after sunset, when there is still some light in the sky, leave it too late and the contrast increases too much. Fortunately got the timing right with these, and the client was very happy with the results. building-night

Aquatics Centre

architectural-photo Haven't been swimming for a while, but deciding to get back in the pool found that my nearest one just happens to be The London Aquatics Centre. Designed by Zaha Hadid, an architect I have done a few jobs for, the pool is now fully open to the public. Thought the 50m lengths were going to be a bit daunting being used to 25m ones, but they seem to fly past, and by picking a good time you can sometimes have a lane to yourself. Took the Lumix with me last time for a few shots of the building, it looks fantastic without the extra seating area needed for the Olympics. I have more architectural photography on my main site here.