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Rye & Dungeness

grounded-boats Has every photographer in Britain been to Dungeness? I first went down there  about twenty years ago, and even then you would come across discarded film canisters and Kodachrome boxes. The area has a very strange feel, from the abandoned boats high out of the sea, to the narrow gauge railway, not to mention the Sound Mirrors at Lydd-on-sea and the Nuclear power station. It's the sort of area you don't want good weather, seems all the more mysterious it a bit misty. Thought would give my Lensbaby an outing, as don't get to use this specialist lens on many jobs. It produces images with a sharp central area but the image rapidly falls off towards the edges. A few more images from the area: I have a section on my main website with more personal photography

Sky Scrapers

Irvine Sellar Just published is this portrait of Irvin Seller, never heard of him, neither had I, but you've heard of his most famous development, The Shard. This portrait was for American magazine Worth. We all would have liked to do the shoot at the building, but due to diary commitments ( his, not mine ) a trip up the sky scraper wasn't possible, so the portraits were shot in his West London office. I don't do that many editorial portraits, but they are always enjoyable. Thanks go to Mr Seller for giving me the time to set up a few lights and take a variety of images to give the designer of the magazine a choice. More of my portraits are here.

Nick Celino


Checking my stats for my website notice I was getting a lot of hits for "Nick Celino" and no wonder.

Seems he's made quite an impression on Britain's Got Talent. It was in 2012 when I photographed Nick, a really nice chap who popped over to Wanstead while rehearsing for a gig at the Olympic Park. Ok, I wouldn't have recognised him with his new look either. Good luck Nick.

Bailey’s Stardust

Just been to the Bailey exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, it's big, but not sure it's all that clever.

I like Bailey's photography, some of his images are incredibly impressive, specially his portraits on white backgrounds, but I came away from the exhibition feeling a bit disappointed. Why were so many of the classic images so hard to find, printed small amongst lesser photographs? I know this could be described as a populist view, but think this is his only large individual exhibition to date, think it could have been curated better. Well that's my view, have you been? Let me know what you thought. Information on the exhibition here.

Construction Photography


I seem to be having a lot to do with aircraft lately, these images for a construction company were shot at Heathrow Airport for their website.

VGC are a specialist construction company working on some of the biggest projects in the UK, including Crossrail and Heathrow airport. Images below are from three shoots, the long thin ones being used as banners on their website.

Cee Lo Green


Great to see my images of Cee Lo Green published again, this time in American magazine Wax Poetics.

During the negotiations for the use of these images was interesting to have a call from the VP from Atlantic Records in New York who used to live in Wanstead, most of the call spent discussing the merits of local restraints and bars in East London. Having an image on the front cover is always pleasing for me, but can be very good for my clients. Not long ago an assignment led to an industrial product being featured on the front cover of a specialist magazine, a space money couldn't buy, but a creative image could. You can read the article about Cee Lo here.

Aviation Photography


These images were shot at a private hanger and departure lounge at Stansted airport. Commissioned to produce images for a new website and a brochure I spent two days photographing an aircraft with passengers, the departure lounge and passenger check-in.

Images of the hanger and maintenance crew were also taken as well as the chauffeur driven cars. The hanger is capable of holding two Jumbo Jets, and is used to house the private jets used for luxury flights across the globe.