Monthly Archives: June 2014

Aquatics Centre

architectural-photo Haven't been swimming for a while, but deciding to get back in the pool found that my nearest one just happens to be The London Aquatics Centre. Designed by Zaha Hadid, an architect I have done a few jobs for, the pool is now fully open to the public. Thought the 50m lengths were going to be a bit daunting being used to 25m ones, but they seem to fly past, and by picking a good time you can sometimes have a lane to yourself. Took the Lumix with me last time for a few shots of the building, it looks fantastic without the extra seating area needed for the Olympics. I have more architectural photography on my main siteĀ here.

Tracking Photography

tracking-lorry Thanks to my assistant Mina for this shot of meĀ leaning out of a Land Rover shooting a truck for Culina Logistics. Tracking, or car to car photography is a technique I often used for automotive clients. Well these things are built to move, so I think it's best to show them in motion. Getting the right shot involves selecting the correct shutter speed. The slower the shutter the more movement, and the more dramatic the image, but too slow and the shaking of the car makes the subject blurred. More images from this shoot are here.