Monthly Archives: July 2014

Le Tour – up the road

le-tour It's not often that the worlds largest spectator sport goes through your town so took the afternoon off to see the spectacle. Didn't know about the caravan, the sponsors floats which go ahead of the cyclists but it gave me a good idea of the speed of the bikes, it being the fastest carnival I've ever seen. Took the Lumix, not really there to take photos but to soak up the atmosphere. le-tour-2

On the railway

female-worker-train   Always nice to have good feedback from a shoot, and doesn't get much better than this:
"I was going to email you to ask how it went on Sunday, but your transfer came through first, and they’re excellent. Thank you soooo much for putting up with all the hassle, and for getting such super photos!"
The shoot took place at 7am on a Sunday morning, luckily the weather was with us this day, it did rain later, but after we had finished. The images are for a construction companies website, and is the fourth shoot I have done for them. More of my construction photography is in my folio.