Hi, my name is Michael Molloy, and I work as a photographer. It's all I could do, nothing else grabbed me like photography, from the first time I saw a print developing in front of my eyes in a makeshift darkroom at school I was hooked. After school I spent a year at collage studying photography and realised people did this for a living. It was quite a revelation. After collage, the hardest part of my career, trying to get a job in photography. It took about two years to get a position as studio assistant in a car studio. After another two years I became a freelance assistant, working for a large variety of photographers, in all forms of photography, fashion, interiors, still life, cars & portraits. Eventually I got a break, shooting interiors for Fords, and brought the techniques learnt from home interior photographers to cars. Soon I was shooting car brochures for a large number of manufactures, Honda, Jaguar, BMW, Peugeot... and the occasional ad. Then came digital, this changed everything. The car photography fell by the wayside as I started to shoot more portraits and other types of photography. So now I shoot almost everything... jack of all trades? I wouldn't say so, I think I can apply the skills gained from working in different forms of photography to others, giving me an advantage which I first noticed years ago, using interior photographers techniques in car photography.  

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