Considerate Constructors Scheme

considerate-constructors-scheme-5 The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a not for profit organisation set up to promote best practice in the construction industry. The scheme is involved in many areas of the industry, including environment, community relationships, and safety. These images were shot over two days at three different sites in London. They should start appearing on hoardings at sites in the near future.

New Client: DeWalt

A yellow drill being used by a construction worker on a site in London Almost six months ago I met with the people at DeWalt to discuss shooting images for their website. The professional drills and accessories were distributed to tradesmen to test and evaluate, and after that we photographed them at a west London construction site. Photographing tools which had been used and actual tradesmen gave a reality to the images. The range of professional tools from DeWalt is the "go to" equipment in the construction industry and I'm very happy they asked me to photograph them in action.

Night Architectural Photography

bow-night Construction company Hill commissioned me to photograph two of their buildings, but wanted them shot at night. Well at least it was late November, so it would be dark early. Night time photography obviously has its own techniques, but the most important is timing. You don't really want to be shooting in the dead of night, the best time being shortly after sunset, when there is still some light in the sky, leave it too late and the contrast increases too much. Fortunately got the timing right with these, and the client was very happy with the results. building-night

More Construction Photography….and some finished show homes.

construction-managers Hill Partnerships Ltd commissioned me to photograph staff on one site in East London and a completed building in Wembley, well the show homes were completed, and very beautiful they were. The weather wasn't great for the construction site shots, but by using some portable lights some life was injected into the images. Great bunch of people to work with at both locations.

Horst at The V&A

The V&A exhibition of the photographs of Horst P Horst continues till 4th January 2015, so plenty of time to get down to South Ken to see some of the greatest Vogue covers shot. A fascinating collection of fashion images and personal work.  I found the shear number of covers he shot for Vogue truly amazing, and the curators must be congratulated on the way they display this vast collection. But, and this is a similar complaint I had with the Bailey exhibition, I was disappointed with the size and prominence given to his most famous work. In particular "The Mainbocher corset" which while interesting to see how it had been retouched for publication was disappointingly small. Information about the exhibition cam be found at:  

In the clouds

mountains-on-sky Managed to get some time off in August so headed to The Highlands for a week, a very wet week. Didn't expect really hot weather, but hadn't bargained on how much rain would fall, poor D800 suffered a bit, but if I was getting soaked then it was going to as well. Did take a few landscapes, and seeing the mountains shrouded in clouds was quite amazing, one day hiking up Beinn Eighe, near Loch Maree, but as the weather closed in, the views were very limited. Beinn Eighe is Britain's oldest National Nature Reserve, set up in 1951and has a very aptly named Mountain Trail, which rises to the height of one and a half times of The Shard.  More of my Landscapes are on my main site here.

Aerial Photography

london-aerial 8am at a local airfield waiting for the pilot to get the permissions for a flight over London, half an hour later I'm strapping myself into a pretty small, fairly old, twin engine plane, oh, and the door has been taken off. In the blink of an eye we are over the Walkie Talkie building, would have taken an hour or two by road. This is the third time doing this site, but a new pilot, who very helpfully did some steep banking over the building to get the wing and engine exhaust out of the shots, just wished he'd mentioned this beforehand. The shots are for a scaffolding company who have provided the temporary access to the top of the building. You can see more of my aviation photography here.

Corporate Portraits

corporate-portraits Another new client, another happy customer: "Thanks for the photos. I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the shots. They are excellent and just what I wanted. I look forward to working with you again." Well being the marketing manager at a Corporate Finance company is never going to be an easy job, all you want from a photographer is good images to go with press releases or news stories. I always strive to show people as modern, approachable, professional, and if time allows to have some different, interesting portraits which will help to have stories published. I've been doing these sorts of corporate portraits for a while, Portfolio is here.    

Le Tour – up the road

le-tour It's not often that the worlds largest spectator sport goes through your town so took the afternoon off to see the spectacle. Didn't know about the caravan, the sponsors floats which go ahead of the cyclists but it gave me a good idea of the speed of the bikes, it being the fastest carnival I've ever seen. Took the Lumix, not really there to take photos but to soak up the atmosphere. le-tour-2

On the railway

female-worker-train   Always nice to have good feedback from a shoot, and doesn't get much better than this:
"I was going to email you to ask how it went on Sunday, but your transfer came through first, and they’re excellent. Thank you soooo much for putting up with all the hassle, and for getting such super photos!"
The shoot took place at 7am on a Sunday morning, luckily the weather was with us this day, it did rain later, but after we had finished. The images are for a construction companies website, and is the fourth shoot I have done for them. More of my construction photography is in my folio.