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Hi, I'm Mike Molloy, a professional photographer dedicated to providing quality photography to businesses across the UK.

I work for large and small companies, either directly or through design groups, marketing or advertising agencies.

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I can't praise Mike highly enough. The quality of his work is absolutely outstanding, he always goes above and beyond to get the photos we need.
Zena Wigram, Marketing Manager, VGC

Commercial Photography

Photograph of a chef in a commercial kitchen in Central London

I take photographs for websites, brochures and all types of marketing, helping businesses of all sizes promote their products and services.

Working directly with companies, or through advertising agencies and design groups recent assignments have include portraits for company reports, photographs of industrial facilities, interiors and products.

Visit my commercial photography page for more information

Email or call to discuss any photographic requirements, I will happily assess the requirements, and advise if I'm the right photographer for you.

Corporate Portraits

Portrait of an employee in a Central London office

High quality portraits & headshots will enhance any companies website, social media posts and public image.

Working for national & central London companies, photographing portraits for company reports, websites and team profile pages, I always strive to produce the best corporate portraits possible.

Having professional corporate portraits helps your company project its style, quality, and value. Employees will also appreciate the time and effort spent on their profile photos.

There is more info at my corporate portrait page including fees and costs.

Construction Photography

Photograph of a worker on a construction site in London

My construction photography is used for websites, advertising and all forms of marketing by companies of all sizes.

Experienced in photographing on construction sites I am aware of the Health & Safety considerations and the need to respect these. Like most site visitors I am usually escorted on site and have been through many site inductions.

For more photos and information visit my construction photography page.

I have been photographing Construction projects for over 20 years producing images for clients across the UK.

Company Reports Photography

Group of employees in Central London office

Many companies turn to me to bring their corporate communications and annual reports to life. The images add interest, style and provide an individual look to each of their publications.

Providing images for all corporate communications, from individual portraits of board members, group shots, employee and client portraits to factory, and logistic sites.

I have more information at my annual reports photography page.

For quality photography for company reports, websites and all corporate communications give me a call or email.

Industrial Photography

Photograph of a welder in an industrial site in London

From concept to raw materials, manufacturing to delivery, each step can provide excellent opportunities to showcase your companies capabilities. I have captured most processes in a huge variety of industries. Experienced at working in difficult situations and skilled in photographing employees in working environments.

Experienced in photographing industrial sites I'm aware of the Health & Safety considerations and the need to respect the enviroment.

Visit my specialist industrial photography page for more info.

I've been photographing Industrial projects for over 20 years producing images for clients across the UK.

Architectural Photography

Photograph of an modern office building

Professional images of buildings, bridges and other structures for use by construction companies, architects and all involved in the design and construction industry. Combining technical skills, experience and patience, I photograph impressive architecture across the country.

Clients include architects, designers, construction companies and many London based organisations.

For more images and details visit my architectural photography page.

Contact me to discuss any photographic assignments.

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London photographer working throughout the UK for companies large and small, design studios and advertising agencies.