Interiors Photography

Interior photography

Interiors and room set photographer for architects, shop fitters, property developers, and interior designers. Images for brochures, marketing and advertising. Michael Molloy photographs both roomsets built in a studio and interiors of actual buildings. Images are used for all forms of marketing including websites and brochures.

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Built in a studio or suitable space mainly for photographing furniture and products in a custom built set. To reduce costs these can be built in the clients premises, warehouse or showroom.


Quality photography of rooms and interior spaces for architects, property developers, estate agents & interior designers. Is also a less expensive alternative to building a roomset for photographing furniture or home products.

Interior photography costs

As all jobs are different, Mike will assess your assignment and provide an individual quote. If he feels that he wouldn't be the best photographer for the job he will try to point you in the right direction.

For an individual quote E-Mail with your photographic requirement or call Mike on 07831 386374.