Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

London Portrait photographer Michael Molloy, for corporate, business portraits, advertising, company reports, brochures, model portfolios and public relations.
Michael Molloy photographs people for brochures, press releases, websites & all forms of marketing and advertising. Two main areas are models for product marketing and corporate portraits for press releases, brochures and company web sites.

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Mike photographs many different types of stylised portraits. The most popular are corporate portraits for companies to use on their websites, brochures and press releases. Clients include a large logistics company, the DSA, a Mobile Phone company, a recruitment company and a large firm of Solicitors.

Mike always strives to produce fantastic portrait photography, showing the person in the best way.

High quality portraits are a specialty of Mikes, either for advertising and all forms of marketing or for personal use.

Recent model projects: Amira Shoes, images for an on-line shoe label and Pukka Pies, a single photograph for use in store around Europe. For an Essex based furniture company Mike photographed models in their London showrooms for use in brochures, advertising and website. Portraits of people at an Essex leisure park in Maldon for a brochure and website.

For information on portraits for individuals, model portfolios and actors headshots please view the Personal Portraits page.

Corporate Portraits

Corporate portraits are available in two main styles, against a plain background for a studio style portrait, or in an office, home or outside location setting for a more informal feel. Both styles are represented in the Corporate Portrait Portfolio.

Recent corporate projects: Boots staff at Central London store, Empower Interactive brochure and web site portraits, Infosys corporate portraits in their Docklands base, Sebastian Coe at the London 2012 Canery Wharf office. 50 Staff portraits for a city based company, for use on website and for pr.

Other people photography: Mike has photographed people for many companies from large corporations to individuals. These images have been used for magazine articles, advertising, web sites and all forms of marketing.

Portrait photography costs

Fees may be charged by the day, for the complete job or by the portrait / photograph.

For an individual quote E-Mail with your portrait photography requirement or call Mike on 07831 386374.