Automotive photographer working throughout the UK

Images of cars, vans and lorries for websites, company reports, brochures & marketing.

Automotive Photography

Cars, Vans and Lorries

Car photographer for websites, brochures, company reports & marketing. Located near Stratford, East London, working in London, Essex, the South East and throughout the UK.

Many companies use branded vans or lorries making them perfect for getting logos into photos and making your images unique.

Email or give mike a call to get more information or to arrange a quote for any upcoming photography projects.

Phone: 07831 386374
Group of vans arranged in front of an industrial unit
A van delivering wine to a small country village pub

Example Photographs

Mercedes people carrier driving on a road in London docklands

Tracking Photography

Vehicles in motion

Showing vehicles on the road in motion. For this two cars are used, the one being photographed, and another for the photographer. Shutter speed selection is very important, fast enough to stop "camera shake" yet slow enough to blur the road and background.

Clients include logistics companies, wine distributers, delivery firms and private hire companies.

Call or email Mike to have a chat about any automotive photograhy projects.

Phone: 07831 386374

A van photographed travelling on a road, making deliveries

Using professional quality Nikon lenses, digital cameras and professional lighting Mike is able to produce high quality car photography for use on websites, press releases and all forms of marketing. Information on image usage is available here along with copyright, image information and licencing details.